Youth Update Term 3 2017

And just like that, bam! Term 3 is gone. The year 12’s are pretty much done – nothing but tidying up a few pieces of work and then study, study, study for the final exams. As the upper end of high school is coming to an end, there are those just stating out too. In Term 4 Yuk opens our doors to all year 6’s – year 7 is when Yuk starts and to help make the transition easier, anyone in year 6 can join us in term 4.

This term saw a number of awesome nights. We had a great time roasting marshmallows at the bonfire, dominated each other with the Zorb Balls for the overnighter, heard a fantastic message at Thrive all about God’s massive forgiveness for us in Jesus, searched for over 20 people at the Central Markets for the Where’s Wally night and saw amazing views of Adelaide as we hiked up Ainstees Hill.

Each we we looked at the story of Daniel’s life in the Bible and saw that following Jesus can be tough, but that God is faithful to us even in the face of a lion, furnace or the pressure from those around us (and we looked at giant fatbergs and other disguising things as well!)

Before term 4 arrives Eric and Kayla are getting married! Make sure to give them an extra special hug when you see them next!

Look out for the overnighter at CYC coming up – yup, that means giant swing and rock climbing! We’re also heading to WizBang Mini Golf and heading from place to place for a junk food crawl too. Moxies is on as always – 6-7pm each Friday night. We provide dinner and then unpack what life with Jesus is like in small groups. it’s free to come alone. Church is always on too – Sundays at 10am and 6pm and don’t forget to download, share and invite your friends to Yuk for the last term of 2017.

Enjoy your holidays and remember that Jesus loves you as you are, but that he loves you too much to keep you as you are.