Keeping It Simple

Do you ever just feel like life is really complicated? Maybe you can relate to some of these stories: The guy who just seem to have a million pieces of work at school to get on top of and complete and you just can’t wait until you get a break. […]

The Bad Stuff

This term we are going to explore what  Dr.Luke wrote about Jesus and what it means to live with Him and out theme is Walking with Jesus. Each week, we will leave you with this question to think about: Will you walk with Jesus? And tonight we begin by looking […]

Bible Reading Plan Term 2 2017

Walk With Me Navigating the twists and turns of life, the ups and downs, the surprising and odd, joyful and dull. Our life is filled with ten thousand little moments that define and shape our story. 2,000 years Jesus walked the earth, calling people from all walks of life, living all […]