Exodus 15-17 – Grumbling Against God

Do you grumble? I tell you what bugs me. People who drive the car but don’t indicate when turning. People that demand things from you, un important things, and then get grumpy when you don’t respond. When the coffee beans run out and you have drink instant coffee. Or no […]

Exodus 15 – Great Is Our God!

Music has an incredible effect on us. It can calm us down, excite us to celebrate, bring back memories – good or bad, recall a moment in time or down out the here and now. The lyrics move us. The music amazes us and songs and bands define generations of […]

Exodus 13-14 – God With Us

What moments define you? Here’s what I’ve got: Starting high school.  First real, serious, girlfriend or boyfriend. First break up. Deep and meaningful conversations with best friends. Getting L’s and P’s. Getting into you course for school or TAFE. The best on ground or a great sporting achievement. Visiting that […]

Exodus 7-12 – God’s Rescue

  In these chapters we see that God is confronting the evil in His people’s lives by massive acts of power and judgment over Egypt, their oppressor, while also providing Salvation and Redemption to His people through a substitute. Plagues: God’s Power Undo the Egyptians God’s and show his power and […]

Exodus 5-6 – Glimpses Of Hope

Here’s a summary of the chapter 5 and 6 from the book of Exodus call, Glimpses of Hope. God’s people are standing at the edge of redemption, looking forward to being rescued. 450 years of slavery and suddenly they had heard and seen from Moses that God Himself has seen, knowns and will rescued […]