A Fish Out Of Water

In Term 3 we will be digging into the book of Daniel at Moxies (6pm) and then at the messages during Yuk. The book of Daniel is brilliant because it shows us what following God in a world that isn’t Godly looks like. It’s asks the questions, what does being […]

The Bad Stuff

This term we are going to explore what  Dr.Luke wrote about Jesus and what it means to live with Him and out theme is Walking with Jesus. Each week, we will leave you with this question to think about: Will you walk with Jesus? And tonight we begin by looking […]

Bible Reading Plan Term 2 2017

Walk With Me Navigating the twists and turns of life, the ups and downs, the surprising and odd, joyful and dull. Our life is filled with ten thousand little moments that define and shape our story. 2,000 years Jesus walked the earth, calling people from all walks of life, living all […]

Is God Really Enough?

So far this term we have been describing someones character, God’s character, but we’ve not been able to see Him. And it’s when we meet Jesus in the pages of the Bible, that we begin to see God’s character taking on flesh and bones. Someone once called Jesus the word […]

Youth Update Term 1 2017

  Howdy parents, It’s great to be back into the rhythm of our youth activities for a new year. I must apologise that I haven’t contact you sooner – having the time off with the birth of Amélie has meant that you’re getting this update a little later than usual […]