Is God Real?

  For those of you who believe in Jesus, who have trusted Jesus and who love Jesus, we hope that as we unpack these tricky questions, it will help you to be able to have great, respectful and intelligent conversations with your friends. And if you don’t really know if […]

Youth Update Term 3 2017

And just like that, bam! Term 3 is gone. The year 12’s are pretty much done – nothing but tidying up a few pieces of work and then study, study, study for the final exams. As the upper end of high school is coming to an end, there are those […]

Cracked Cisterns

So as London has increased in people over the years, it has also increased in size too. Taller buildings to house the growing population. But, as quick as London grew up, it also grew down. More people, same space and more bodily functions to flush down the toilet. The aging […]

Tricky Things

In term 4 each night we will be having a conversation about the tricky things if life, faith and Jesus. Some of the question we will unpack include: Is God Real? Can You Be Good Without God? Why So Much Suffering? Do All religions End Up At The Same Place? […]

Keeping It Simple

Do you ever just feel like life is really complicated? Maybe you can relate to some of these stories: The guy who just seem to have a million pieces of work at school to get on top of and complete and you just can’t wait until you get a break. […]