About YUK

YUK is all about creating fun environments, teaching about Jesus on your level and watching God change lives, friendships with one another and building an awesome community of young people.

What? When? Where?

YUK is the youth group from church@paravista for young people in grade 7 and above who meet together every Friday night of the school term. Main program starts at 7pm till 9:30pm and costs are on the program.

What happens each week?

Once the night starts we run through a few announcements and welcome everyone to the event. We then kick off and begin the activities or head out, travelling in vans and cars. We then continue the activities and finally conclude the night with a small supper. During the night we also present the Gospel of Jesus. Finally we transport home any youth that need a ride home or wait with the others to be collected from the church.

What happens with the money collected each week?

Any profits made are put back into subsidizing activities, camps, hire charges etc. We always try to keep the cost down where possible and most nights will only cost you $5-$6. Camps and Overnights cost more.

Any rules?

No Smoking. No Drinking. No Drugs. No Weapons. Respect of the leaders, each other and property.

Do you need parental consent to attend?

No, but it’s always nice to tell your parents where you are going! We require you to fill out a medical and consent form for any camps and overnighters that we run as well as a new attendance form the first time you arrive. They can be downloaded at the front page of the site or at the welcome desk.

What training do the leaders have?

All of the leaders and helpers are unpaid volunteers from chuch@paravista. They have a passion for working with young people and they are all committed Christains who love Jesus. Each leader has passed a current police check for working with young people. There are also trained leaders on the team who have senior first aid and fire warden training.

Who drives?

We transport teenagers by vans and cars. Only full license drivers. If you have your license you can only drive to and from YUK, not during the night if we go out.