What? When? Where?

YUK is the youth group from church@paravista for young people in grade 7 to 12 who meet together every Friday night of the school term.

Main program starts at 7pm till 9:30pm and costs are on the program.

All our events start and finish from the church - even if we go out. 308 Nelson Road, Para Vista.

Some nights require you to pre-register so we have enough transport. Do so over here.

Grab any consent forms for overnighters or camps from below as well.

Each week we share and teach the truth that Jesus rescues and gives new life to those who trust Him. He gives forgiveness and grace freely to all who ask, having given his own life to provide it. He also gives us his Holy Spirit, who empowers us as Christians to live in Jesus’ victory and strength. Each week we unpack what this means for you as you live life today.
Come hang out with your mates on a Sunday before or during church to learn loads more about the Bible and the people in your small groups. We meet on the 1st and the 3rd Sunday of every month.

Get In Touch.

Youth Pastor Logan leads the team at YUK, as well as all of the youth ministries from church@paravista. To find out more about the church, what we believe and service times, visit churchatpv.org.au.

If you have any questions or concerns please call or email the church.

Call us on

8263 2344

Come find us at

308 Nelson Road, Para Vista

Email us at